Washburn X Series

Best deals and full review of Washburn X series. Read about all features and compare the prices, find special offers and discounts.

Having an electric guitar of your dream is possible for everyone who buys the one from these series. Feel yourself like a rock musician playing this electric instrument with all the best features gathered in one guitar. The guitars of the series are always among the best selling Washburn guitars thanks to their high sound and design quality. The Washburn X series include several models as of today, they are X 50VPRO, X 50PROFE, X 50PRO, X 50, and X 12, all possessing their unique and group features.

Check out X 12 electric guitar. Being a part of the X series, it has quilted top and basswood body. Bolt on maple neck and hard-tail bridge make it look cool and convenient for a performance at the same time. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay make up the whole design with the feeling of finished perfect look. 24 frets are easy to play. 25.5″ scale of the guitar is appreciated by the musicians who value real instrument. The guitar has a gloss finish, and usually comes with Quilted Vintage Sunburst color. The 3-way switch and Washburn HH pickups make it easy to play. Die cast tuners are a part of it for the top sound quality. There is also a left handed electric guitar variant available, slightly bigger in price.
Washburn X50 PRO
It is wroth on noticing, that the guitars of the series might also have some questionable sides, mainly when talking about their weight (quite heavy for a kid). There are also some complaints about the quality of the strings. But, of course, these issues can be managed.

If you compare the prices for these guitars to the one of a different brand, you’d definitely choose some of these because they have good quality-to-price ratio.