Washburn Rover

Best deals and full review of Washburn Rover acoustic guitar. Read about all features and compare the prices, find special offers and discounts.
Probably the easiest way to check whether or not your guitar is good enough for you is to use it in the places you would not normally play. When you perform at home or at the stage, you don’t think about shaking or moving in space, you simply play music everyone and you enjoy.

If something goes wrong with your instrument, you can always use your time to figure it out and fix it. It is also not a problem to pick another guitar and continue playing. Any problem can be solved.
Now imagine you’re far away from your home and civilization. Going camping is always fun having friends and guitar by your side. There is one instrument reliable enough to ensure the best performance in any place wherever you travel and play it. The one guitar you can always count on is Washburn Rover.
Perfect for playing it on the boats, in car, plane or anywhere else, it posses the very best features to provide the necessary sounds in places with any kind of the acoustic conditions. Full size 24″ scale Washburn Rover is made in several variants. The models include RO 10, RO 10 Graphic (Camouflage or Cowboy graphics), and RO 5 Minstrel.
Solid spruce top and mahogany body and neck are the very same as for many other Washburn guitars, the top quality features of many series. Rosewood fingerboard and quality geared tuners will be highly appreciated by the musicians who value professional style and top design. Washburn Rover
Washburn rover guitar has perfect professional binding and inlay, allowing you to be sure you are holding real masterpiece in your hands that will not let you down at any time. You must also know that RO10 is sold with the highest quality cordura case having hard foam lined and molded interior. The guitar is very easy to carry around since it has internal and external storage pockets in the case, and great backpack and luggage straps. 3D rings are usually used for straps or luggage clip ons.
Another good thing about this 6-string acoustic guitar is that you can easily carry it on the plane since it is sized to fit airline overhead storage. Pick a color from black, blue, red or natural and go traveling with it!