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Washburn Nuno

Washburn Nuno is the name for the masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship created by Nuno Bettencourt, Stephen Davies and Washburn. Together they have produced the Washburn N4 – one of the best electric guitar models of all times. The experience of well-known musicians and possibilities of one of the world’s biggest guitar brand were put together into collaboration in order to achieve the divine sound.

The union of these three powerful musical forces is perfectly natural because of the background of the parties. Nuno Bettencourt, born in the very musical family, felt for music since his childhood. While playing bass, keyboard and drums, he has chosen a guitar as his primary instrument. Stephen Davies provided his help as an aсknowledged luthier with great ideas and feeling for the instrument. Washburn is the brand that tells for itself.

The first Washburn N4 has been made in mid-late 1990s, and since then, it has become the main guitar for Bettencourt. Now it is marked by Washburn as a signature model by Nuno Bettencourt. Other signature models also are offered by the company.

The guitar itself is just a part of the Washburn N series. It is worth of saying, that the Washburn N4 Nuno guitar is probably the best selling one and a flagship of this series. There also other models in this range, the N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, and N8 (a double neck N4 guitar). All of them differ in the way, however the popularity among models is usually hard to establish, since every single one has big numbers of fans.
Guitar’s body is one of important features. As for the Washburn Nuno, its typical representatives are made with woods of Padauk, Swamp Ash and Alder. Several limited series have been made with the use of Mahogany, Maple, Korina and Sapele woods. For the most part, Washburn N series guitars are crafted in oil finish. Although, some collectible, rare, or models of limited editions, such as Korina and Sunburst are featuring shiny lacquered bodies.

Extensive solid knowledge of the guitar by Bettencourt was utilized with the goal of developing N Series. This led to the design of every model with a unique feature – an extremely superior fast neck. It allows higher frets of the guitar to be easily accessed by a player through the Stephen’s Extended Cutaway (developed by Stephen Davis and licensed by Washburn). Washburn Nuno neck is built in a bolt-on way and with Stephen’s Extended Cutaway, a special mounting system designed for the series, installed. It is the 5-bolt curved join that helps the players to reach the higher frets having comfortable and proper hand position at the same time. The “heel-less” design makes it possible. There are no many analogues with the same property among other guitars.

In general, almost of all the N4s posses Maple necks (the Vintage model has peculiar Birdseye Maple). Still, there is an exception to this tendency in the form of Padauk models and Sapele models. They have Padauk necks and Sapele necks respectively. Anyway, practically all models have dot inlays with 22 jumbo frets.