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Washburn D10SCE

Washburn d10sce acoustic electric guitar has already amazed millions of people, both, musicians and listeners, around the globe. It is a fact that only gathers more and more evidences over the time. Being a part of Washburn D10S guitar series, this masterpiece of superior musical instrument craftsmanship is in its fair place among the bestsellers.

Washburn d10sce guitar is valued for all sides: sound, price, warranty, etc. The guitar is 100% sure to become one’s best friend immediately after buying since it is very effective and functional. Playing this guitar can make you be so proud of your choice and give you such a full confidence of complete reliability very few other things can offer.

It is almost impossible to find a guitar at the same price level with Washburn d10sce that would sound any better. No matter how it is played, both unplugged and plugged-in, the player is sure to get sincere compliments for the performance. Most of the listeners are even not likely to believe that the guitar does not need any additional customizing – it is simply always ready to give its best.

When the guitar is played unplugged, a wonderful solid spruce top ages over the time. The top is normally very responsive. It thumps well, when touching the strings. The low end is decaying quite fast, and it has initial bottom end thunder produced without any muddying up all of the high mids. Finger-picking sounds very well, too, if applied, since Mahogany or Rosewood sides and backs are bright. And it is absolutely not necessarily to use a pick when strumming your Washburn guitar unplugged.

Normally, everyone will also appreciate the fact how easy it is to change the battery and that the dual inputs are miraculous. Preamp is well set up and quite accesible. This Washburn guitar acoustic has it all, great Equis pre-amp with a perfectly versatile tone range. Its cutaway section simply comes in handy for hitting the higher notes especially hot leads.

Washburn-D10SCEEvery beginner will appreciate extremely easy play of the guitar. If one has any problems with playing bar chords, then there is no problem to learn to play them with this bestseller. The guitar has been created as a professional itself posessing increase playability from its moderately deep cutaway and the Equis Extra preamp system addition.

Washburn d10sce acoustic electric guitar features include Fishman Isys+ Tuner/Preamp System, Buzz Feiten Tuning System, a solid spruce top, Mahogany or Rosewood backs and sides, Mahogany neck with trussrod and Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, chrome die cast Grover-style tuning machines, new diamond inlaid marquetry rosette and many more. Left handed players will appreciate its D10SLH version that comes with all the features of the series.

This marvellous acoustic electric guitar can easily be bought in different stores around the globe, as well as on various websites at reasonable and affordable prices ranging between $400 and $900, with price depending on different specific models with different features. It is definitely one of the best investments!