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Washburn Acoustic

In the world with billions of possible choices for every our need or wish, there are still best selling products. Washburn D10S acoustic guitar has been keeping its place in the upper top among the most popular acoustic guitars for a while already. Maintaining its position among best sellers is not that easy with such a big amount of competitors. However, Washburn D10S acoustic guitar has always something to offer to both beginners and experienced players.

Anywhere around the globe the demand for D10 series of Washburn acoustic guitars is growing continuously. Even the adds about sale of used guitar of this type are rare and do not stick around for a long time – once again, there is always unsatisfied demand.
So, what is the catch, the best thing about Washburn D10S acoustic guitar that makes it extremely popular? Is it the look or the sound? Maybe, some other unique features? The reason is quite simple. This guitar has pretty much everything one needs. Tough built, nice looking, and with amazing sound, this musical instrument beauty is available at a very reasonable price. There is no point to doubt and hesitate on buying it – Washburn D10S acoustic guitar has been recognized by Acoustic Guitar Magazine as “the best guitar under $500.” It is worth of mentioning, this masterpiece of string instruments can also be bought at a lower or higher price. Generally, the price ranges within the limits of $300 to $600.

D10SCEL Washburn
Inspirational sound of Washburn D10S acoustic guitar is probably due to its well-done solid spruce top. Even with the low cost for the guitar, its tone is not of any difference with those expensive ones – the producer has made a really good job to make it happen. Playing with such a solid spruce top makes you feel as a single whole with your instrument, it resonates with every your breath. Expressive purring of gentle notes and triumphal ringing of strong chords creates the atmosphere of complete harmony of the body, the music, and the soul. A solid spruce top, along with Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides, also adds its compliment to a nice look of any Washburn D10S guitars. Mahogany neck with truss rod and Rosewood fingerboard and bridge are just those additional little things that make the whole picture perfect!

Great for all – playing at home, travel and stage performance – Washburn D10S acoustic guitar is made very well. Available in different colors it can become a big part of a charisma of a musician. Keeping it clean is so easy. Shine up your D10S quickly by application of a guitar rag and you are ready to rock!

And there is more. Extra-stable grover tuners and popular Buzz Feiten Tuning System provide the guitar with unique intonation system. Minor falls and major lifts, like arrows hit the targets, achieve the deepest corners of a heart of a every listener with supersonic speed! Very clear and crisp sound of this 6-strig guitar helps the musician to hear little mistakes made and to avoid them in the future.