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Washburn banjo is an exotic model of Washburn acoustic guitar. This musical instrument has many alike features with both, acoustic guitar and mandolin. Furthermore, it is often that it is called Washburn banjo mandolin. Anyway, Washburn makes nice decent traditional banjos for sale. There seven models of banjos by this producer. Some of them are considered to be a part of signature series like B 160 “Sonny Smith” banjo, for example. All of Washburn banjos are available for purchasing at many stores. High popularity and origin of banjos in the United states does not limit its usage around the globe.

Many musicians popularize this string instrument in their home countries. And this process flows very rapid because of the fact that playing banjo is not that hard at all, so anyone who wants can learn how to do it. It is also very fun – just imagine how funny it would be to play banjo at the party. You will definitely get your friends and everyone else present at the party amazed! One nice tip will be you performing some famous and favourite songs traditionally played with a guitar.

This will be a bomb of entertainment and the funniest surprise! Just remember that friends and family might like your performance so much, they will ask you to do it continuously during all events! Buy Washburn banjo and you will not regret!

As for banjo itself, it is a string instrument that usually has four-five (sometimes up to nine strings). It is relative to European mandolin and a direct descendent of African lute with the mix of some other African strings. The banjo has been created by African slaves in the United States.

A version of banjo with six strings (also available among Washburn banjos) can be tuned and played in a very similar manner to acoustic guitar. This type of banjos is rapidly gaining its popularity because of the extreme easiness of performance. Washburn guitar acoustic banjo is ready to make wonders happen!

Washburn BanjoFast arpeggiated plucking is the most common characteristic of banjo playing. However, there might be other playing styles applied when playing it. Banjo bridge is great and allows player to play various styles and forms of music. The five-string open back banjo is typically used by old-time American music. This music is played in a variety of several styles, the most widely spread of which is called frailing or clawhammer. It is characterised by the usage of a downward rather than upward motion during the striking of strings with a player’s fingernail. Frailing techniques often use the thumb finger to catch and stop the fifth string for a regular drone after every strum or twice in every action (this technique is called “double thumbing”), or also to pick out some additional main melody notes (this is known as “drop-thumb.”) A folk style has been popularized by Pete Seeger who combined clawhammer and “up picking”. Fingerpicks are usually not used in this particular technique.

It is obvious that those who enjoy playing country, bluegrass, indie rock and other music should search for Washburn banjo for sale and experiment with this interesting instrument!