Washburn N4

Washburn N4

Being one of the best selling guitar in the world, the Washburn N4 vintage electric guitar is a unique model of electric guitars that was developed in close collaboration of Washburn, Nuno Bettencourt and Spehen Davies, a luthier from Seattle. This model is often referred to as a “Washburn Nuno” or “Washburn N4 Nuno” by the name of one of its creators. This unique masterpiece of musical craftsmanship is Nuno Bettencourt’s signature model and is distributed by Washburn as a part of signature series, along with Paul Stanley, Scott Ian, Gregg Tribbet, and James Malone electric guitars. It is an idol instrument for many music players around the world and it’s popularity reaches new and new peaks every day.

For many years now the manufacturer has been experimenting with the guitar making several versions of the model with different hardware parts and woods. It is absolutely fair to say, that these experiments have been done only for the best changes to the Washburn N4 vintage guitar. Various features have been improved, and their combination lead to a 6-string electric guitar of everyone’s dream.

Superior and distinctive features of the Washburn N4 include two humbucking pickups, exclusive superstrat form-factor, very convenient enhanced bolt-on neck joint that has a name Stephen’s extended cutaway and floating tremolo system. And there is even more. The guitar has a patented highly efficient design favored by all players because it gives them an easier access to higher guitar frets. Other characteristics consist of aged solid alder body and aged hardware, 22 fret maple neck with ebony or rosewood fingerboard, L500 Bill Lawrence™ bridge pickup and licensed original Floyd Rose® tremolo system.

Washburn N4With Washburn Nuno playing numerous music styles have never been more easy and fun. Funk, classical, blues, fast – everything sounds to good to be true but it really is! The guitar suits everyone’s style of play incredibly! It always produces ultra-clean sounds when distorted and doesn’t produce some kind of muddy unpleasant sounds when it is played several strings simultaneously.

The top notch quality guitar, Washburn Nuno has no flaws at all and can be perfectly adjusted for anyone. This guitar is very strong, being quite light at the same time. Static is totally absent during adjusting of the volume or playing it with the switch to change pickup selections.
This kind of Washburn electric guitar is the one that you will almost never see on sale after being used. Any its owner is very likely to fall in love with it with the first chords. The bond arising is very strong and can be replaced only with the new possible instrument if this N series.
As any other Washburn electric guitar, its finish, act and fit are perfectly set, along with its reliability and durability, since the guitar has been built very well and built to last for years! Lifetime warranty is something that can say a lot about the thing.

The guitar is very comfortable to play and because it responds to everything you do, is likely to become your best friends for home and stage performance